Saturday, January 9, 2016

VTU Previous Years Question Papers

Looking for VTU previous years question papers for various courses taught there ? You can here collect all question papers of all B.E and other courses for VTU. Check out the list of questions provided below.
  1. VTU B.E Mining Machinery I 2015 Question Paper
  2. VTU B.E Surface Mining 2015 Question Paper
  3. VTU B.E Underground Metal Mining 2015 Question Paper
  4. VTU B.E Non Traditional Machining 2015 Question Paper
  5. VTU BE Turbo Machines 2015 Question Paper
  6. VTU BE Computer Integrated Manufacturing 2015 Question Paper
  7. VTU B.E Mining Drilling and Blasting Engineering 2015 Question Paper
  8. VTU B.E CSE Operating Systems June / July 2015 Question Paper
  9. VTU B.E Management and Entrepreneurship June July 2015 Question Paper
  10. VTU Fluid Mechanics June 2012 Question Paper
  11. VTU Elements of Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics 2015 Question Paper
  12. VTU Entrepreneurship Development and Small Business MBA 2015 Question Paper
  13. VTU B.E Engineering Physics 2015 Question Paper
  14. VTU B.E Mech Mechanical Measurements and Metrology 2015 Question Paper
  15. VTU B.E Foundry Technology June July 2015 Question Paper
  16. VTU B.E Mechanical Non Conventional Energy Sources 2014 Question Paper
  17. VTU B.E Computer Communication Networks 2015 Question Paper
  18. Basic Electrical Engineering VTU B.E June July 2014 Question Paper
  19. VTU B.E Basic Electrical Engineering June July 2013 Question Paper
  20. VTU B.E System Software Dec 2013 / Jan 2014 Question Paper
  21. VTU Object Oriented using C++ June 2015 Question Paper
  22. Visvesvaraya Technological University: B.E 05th Semester Software Engineering Dec 2015 Question Paper
  23. VTU B.E CSE Software Engineering Dec 2013 and Jan 2014 Question Paper
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