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VTU Entrepreneurship Development and Small Business MBA 2015 Question Paper

VTU Question Paper
Fourth Semester M.B.A. Degree Examination, May 2015
Entrepreneurship Development and Small Business
Time: 3 Hours Max. Marks: 70
Note: Answer to the question should not exceed six pages.
1. Discuss the life cycle of an entrepreneurial venture. Also elucidate the role of entrepreneur during different transition stages.
SECTION - B (5x8=40)
Note: Answer any five questions. Each question carries eight marks. Answer to each question should not exceed five pages.
2. Define the term 'Entrepreneur'. Explain, in detail, the entrepreneur traits.
3. What are the requirements for successful patent grants? Explain them briefly.
4. Write a note on Venture Capital Process in relation to financing ventures.
5. What are the ways in which an entrepreneur may attempt to create and protect a market niche?
6. "Small business is said to be the seedbed of entrepreneurship". Do you agree? Why?
7. Discuss the concept of feasibility in relation to a proposed business. What are the fundamentals of a good feasibility plan?
8. Write an analytical note on evaluation of business opportunities.
9. Discuss briefly the basic start-up problems that an entrepreneur may be well advised to guard against.

(Compulsory) (1x15=15)
Note: Answer to the question should not exceed six pages.
10. Mrs. Joshi was told that a 15 ft x 10ft shop was available in the basement of a commercial complex. She was waiting for such an opportunity as she wanted to start her own business and become an entrepreneur. Her husband worked in a good company and her daughter was studying Master of Business Administration. Mrs. Joshi was an expert in cooking and many times received praises for her culinary skills. As this opportunity came her way, she thought of starting her own
business. She wanted to involve her daughter too. She had some choices:
a) To start a small restaurant
b) To start a small snack bar
c) To start a gift shop
As the shop available in a commercial area, there would be no dearth of customers for any of the above businesses.
a) Which one of the above three should Mrs. Joshi opt for? Why?
b) How can she make her new business venture popular? What kind of marketing techniques should she use?
c) Which qualities of an entrepreneur do you think Mrs. Joshi should possess?
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