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SPPU Engineering Drawing Solved Question Paper of Nov Dec 2008

Looking for solved question paper of SPPU Engineering Drawing? You can here find a sample from 2008 exam. Get the complete solution to this question paper in PDF format below.

F. Y. B.Tech. (E) X—1050—2008
(NOV/DEC 2008-09)
Time--Four Hours Maximum Marks--80
“Please check whether you have got the right question paper”
N. B. :-(i) Question Numbers 1 and 6 are compulsory.
(ii) Solve two questions each from remaining questions of Section A and Section B.
(iii) Assume suitable additional data if necessary, and mention it clearly.

Section A
Q.1. The projections of the ends of a line AB are on the same projector. The end A is 30 mm below H.P. and 15 mm behind V.P. The end B is 35 mm above H.P. and 40 mm in front of V.P. Determine its true length, the traces and the inclinations with the reference planes. (14)
Column width = 6 row height = 35.25

Q.2. A regular Hexagon ABCDEF of 30 mm side is the front view of a plate when its surface is inclined at 300 to the V.P. Draw the projections when its side AB is in V.P. and inclined at 450 to the H.P. (13)

Q.3. A pentagonal pyramid, side of base 25 mm and height 60 mm has one of its slant (triangular) faces on the H.P. and the edge of base contained by that slant edge makes an angle 30 degree to the V.P. Draw its projections. (13)

Q.4. Three spheres of 40 mm diameter are placed on ground touching each other, with line joining centers of any two parallel to V.P. A fourth sphere of diameter 50 mm is placed centrally over these spheres, determine the height of centre of the....

Download Link in PDF: Click me to get SPPU Engineering Drawing Solved Question Paper of Nov Dec 2008
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