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MPBOU Bhopal, B.A II Year POLITICAL SCIENCE Assignment Question Paper 2015-16

Looking for BHOJ university assignment 2015-16 ? You can download here one for BA Political Science for 2nd year course.

Madhya Pradesh Bhoj (Open) University Bhopal
B.A – Second Year 2015-16
Maximum Marks: 30

Assignment Question Paper – I

Note -Each Question carries 06 Marks Attempt each question of this section in about 600 words.

Discuss the ‘Mandal Theory’and ‘Shatguna Niti’of kautilya.

Write the salient features of British constitution.

Explain the idealist theory of Hegel.

Make a comparision between the procedure for amendment in the constitutions of U.S.A and Switzerland.

Explain the contribution of Bal Gangadhar Tilak to Indian political thought.

Describe the power of American senate.

Discuss Machiavelii’s ideas on religion and morality.

What do you understand by plural executives? Explain its formation and function in Switzerland .

Describe Plato’s Theory on Justice.

Describe the power and actual position of the President in China.

Write a short note on Ambedkar’s political idea.

Explain the power of Judicial Review in USA.

The PDF file of this assignment question paper can be downloaded from, MPBOU Bhopal, B.A II Year POLITICAL SCIENCE Assignment Question Paper 2015-16
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