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CSVTU Internet and Multimedia Technology B.E CSE 2012 Question Paper

Are you searching for Chhattisgarh Swami Vivekanand Technical University Previous Years question papers ? You can here download CSVTU BE 7th Semester Question Paper. The subject of the question paper is Internet and Multimedia Technology.

Chhattisgarh Swami Vivekanand Technical University

Computer Science & Engineering 322711 (22)

BE (7th Semester) Examination

APR-MAY, 2012

Branch: CSE


Time allowed: Three Hours

Maximum Marks: 80

Minimum Marks: 28

Note: Part (a) of each question is compulsory. Attempt any two parts from (b), (c) & (d).

(a) What is a loop back address? 2

(b) Explain IP-data gram format giving brief description about the following fields. Differentiated service/service type, flags,fragmentation offset, TTL, header check sum. 7

(c) Write about techniques of TCP, error & flow control. 7

(d) Write in detail about firewalls & basic types of firewall. 7

(a) Write any tow differences between B-ISDN & N-ISDN. 2

(b) Draw & explain ISDN protocol stack. Also write about ISDN focusing on ISDN principles. 7

(c) Explain the B, D & H channels that are used in ISDN. Also explain functional grouping reference points. 7
(d) Write about direct internet access system. 7

(a) What is an adhoc network? 2

(b) Explain IEEE 802.11 architecture along with WLAN types. 7

(c) Explain hidden & exposed terminal problem related with MACOW protocol. 7

(d) Write about Bluetooth Protocol Stack. 7

(a) What is Hyper tent & Hyper media? 2

(b) Discuss JPEG compression & also explain features of JPEG 2000. 7

(c) Write about MP3 compression schemes. 7

(d) Explain MPEG-4 natural video compression. 7


(a) What is MPEG and JPEG? 2

(b) Explain 1394 interface with the help of diagram. 7

(c) Explain video-on-demand systems. 7

(d) Explain characteristics of MMX instruction set. 7

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