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IGNOU PGDCJ MLE-012 : INDIAN PENAL CODE June 2019 Question Paper

IGNOU Old Question Paper

No. of Printed Pages : 3 



Term-End Examination 

June., 2019 


Time : 3 Hours 

Maximum Marks : 100 

Note : The question paper has been divided into 3 parts : Part A, Part B and Part C. You have to attempt any four questions from Part A and Part B respectively. Attempt any two questions from -Part C. All the parts are compulsory. 


Note : Attempt any four questions from this Part. Each question carries 5 marks (not exceeding 200 words) : 4 x 5 

Write short notes on the following : 

!. Burden of Proof. 

2. Dowry Death. 

3. Female Foeticide. 

4. Insanity. 

5. Mena Rea. 

6. Kidnapping. 


Note : Attempt any four questions from this Part. Each question carries 10 marks (not exceeding 500 words) : 4 x 10 

7. What are the essential elements of theft ? Discuss. 

8. Discuss the key features of the protection of women from Domestic Violence Act, 2005. 

9. Can unchastity of a woman be a defence in the case of rape ? Discuss. 

10. What are the various forms of untouchability that are punishable under the Protection of Civil Rights Act, 1955 ? 

11. Differentiate between 'Preparation' and `Attempt'. 

12. Explain the concept of group liability under the Indian Penal Code. 


Note : Attempt any two questions from this Part. Each question carries. 20 marks (not exceeding 1500 words) : 2 x 20 

13.. Define Robbery. Discuss the essential elements of Robbery. Also distinguish between the offence of robbery and dacoity with the help of illustrations. 

14. Distinguish between voluntary intoxication and involuntary intoxication. Is voluntary intoxication a. defence under the Criminal law for committing of offence ? Discuss. 

15. It is often said that there is a very thin but fine distinction between the offence of culpable homicide not amounting to murder and culpable homicide amounting to murder. Discuss. 

16. What do you understand by Custodial Rape ? Discuss. 

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