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GITAM University B.Tech Civil Engineering 2nd Sem PROGRAMMING WITH C 2019 Question Paper



B.Tech. Degree Examination

Civil, ME, IE & AE



(Effective from the admitted batch 2015–16 onwards)

Time: 3 Hours Max.Marks: 60


Instructions: Each module carries 12 marks.

 Answer all modules choosing one question from each module.

 All parts of the module must be answered in one place only.

 Figures in the right hand margin indicate marks allotted. 



1. a) Write a short note on Loaders and Linker. 6

 b) Discuss about the classification of programming languages. 6


2. a) Differentiate between Program and Algorithm with an example. 6 

 b) Discuss about the structure of C program with an example. 6


3. a) Write a short note on Switch case with an example. 6

 b) Write a C program to find the largest of three numbers. 6


4. a) Discuss about formatted and non-formatted input with example. 6

 b) Explain the types of operators in C Language with example. 6


5. a) Write a short note on nested loops with an example. 6

 b) Explain the use of break and continue statement in loops with  example. 6


6. a) What is a two dimensional array? Write a C program for addition  of two matrices. 6

 b) Write a C program to find the number of vowels in a given  string. 6


7. a) What do you mean by a function? Discuss about the types of  functions with an example. 6

 b) Write a C program to find factorial of a given number. 6


8. a) Discuss about different dynamic memory functions available in C  Language with an example. 6

 b) Write a C program to find the length of a given string using  pointers. 6


9. a) What is a structure? Write a simple program on structures. 6

 b) Explain Arrays of Structure and Arrays within a Structure with  an example 6


10. a) What is Union? How it is different from Structures? Explain  with an example. 6

 b) What is a file? Explain different modes of opening and closing  a file with example. 6 

 [2,8,9,10/II S/119] 

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