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GITAM University B.Tech Civil Engineering 2nd Sem ADVANCED ENGINEERING CHEMISTRY 2019 Question Paper


B.Tech. Degree Examination

Civil Engineering



(Effective from the admitted batch 2015–16 onwards)

Time: 3 Hours Max.Marks: 60


Instructions: Each module carries 12 marks.

 Answer all modules choosing one question from each module.

 All parts of the module must be answered in one place only.

 Figures in the right hand margin indicate marks allotted. 



1. a) What are particulate and gaseous pollutants? 4

 b) Explain about earth radiation balance. 4

 c) Describe briefly the Lapse rate and inversion temperature. 4


2. a) What are Hazardous wastes? Explain the biological and physical  treatment technologies for Hazardous wastes. 6

 b) What is Sewage? Describe Sewage treatment technologies. 6


3. a) Describe briefly carbon monoxide control methods. 4

 b) What is scrubbing? Explain Lime water scrubbing. 4

 c) Explain the two stage combustion. 4


4. a) Explain in detail about oxides of nitrogen control methods. 6

 b) Describe sulphur dioxide control processes. 6


5. a) Differentiate between Thermoplastics and Thermosetting resins  with examples. 4

 b) Explain about moulding constituents of a plastic. 4

 c) Write the engineering applications of Siloxanes and Polyphosphines.4


6. a) Explain the addition polymerization mechanism with an example. 6

 b) What is Nylon 6,6? Describe it’s preparation and properties. 6


7. a) Name different grades of concrete with constituent materials. 4

 b) Explain the effects of Sulphate and Alkali on the durability of  concrete. 4

 c) Describe the concrete decay mechanism. 4


8. a) Describe the hydration mechanism of

 i) Calcium silicate minerals and

 ii) Calcium aluminate minerals. 6

 b) What is Curing of Concrete? Explain the Vander Waal’s theory  of hydration mechanism. 6


9. a) What are Nanomaterials? Explain the chemical synthesis of  nanomaterials by reverse micellar method. 6

 b) Discuss the principle involved and applications of Transmission  electron microscope (TEM). 6


10. a) Write short note son carbon nano tubes and nano clusters. 6

 b) Describe the principle involved and applications of Scanning  electron microscope (SEM). 6

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