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GITAM University B.Tech Civil Engineering 2nd Sem ENGINEERING MATERIALS 2019 Question Paper


B.Tech. Degree Examination

Civil Engineering



(Effective from the admitted batch 2015–16 onwards)

Time: 3 Hours Max.Marks: 60


Instructions: Each module carries 12 marks.

 Answer all modules choosing one question from each module

 All parts of the module must be answered in one place only.

 Figures in the right hand margin indicate marks allotted. 



1. a) What are the tests usually carried out ion bricks required for a  large construction as per BIS standards? 6

 b) What are the various types of bricks? State their engineering  properties. 6


2. a) Classify various types of lime. Briefly explain all of them. 8

 b) Give the classification of glass? State it’s properties. 4


3. a) How is decay in timber caused? Describe a preservation  treatment. 6

 b) What are the characteristics of good timber? 4

 c) What is the best season for felling a tree? 2


4. a) State the advantages of plywood as a structural material over  ordinary timber. 6

 b) Distinguish between plywood, chip boards and button board  with neat sketch. 6


5. a) What are the characteristics of an ideal paint? 4

 b) What are the constituents of oil paint? 4

 c) Write short notes on enamels and distemper. 4 


6. a) What are the various types of geo-synthetics? Briefly explain. 8

 b) Enumerate the various materials used for insulating heat. 4 


7. a) What are the advantages and disadvantages of English bond over  Flemish bond?. 6 

 b) What are the advantages of Flush door? 3 

 c) Write short notes on necessity of lintels in construction. 3


8. a) Name the various types of wall. 2

 b) What is steel form work and wooden formwork? 4

 c) Writes short notes on:

 i) Teak wood glazed window ii) Aluminum glazed window

 iii) Steel window 6


9. a) Write short notes on the following:

 i) Mosaic flooring ii) Marble flooring iii) Terrazzo flooring 6 

 b) What are the various defects in plastering? How to rectify them? 6


10. a) Explain white washing and color washing. 6

 b) What are the various types of roofs? Describe the construction  of lean-to-roof. 6

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