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EE6008 Microcontroller Based System Design Nov Dec 2016 Important Questions

Anna University Chennai - Important University Questions / Question Bank / Previous University Questions - EE6008 Microcontroller Based System Design
Seventh / 07th Semester (Elective)
Department of EEE
EE6008 Microcontroller Based System Design
Nov Dec 2016 Important Questions
(Regulation 2013)

16 Marks Most Important Questions asked in previous years university examinations.

1. Explain the architecture and Memory Organization of PIC16C7X microcontroller
2. Explain the following PIC constructions : (a) BSF f.b, (b) RETF I E, (c) XORLW K, (d) RLF f1d
3. Explain with neat examples Byte Oriented, Bit Oriented and Literal and Control Instructions of PIC16C7X microcontroller
4. Write a simple PIC16C7CX program to add, subtract, multiply and divide two 16 bit numbers.
5. Discuss in detail about the function of various port pin of PIC micro controller
6. What are the different addressing modes, CPU registers, conditional instructions of PIC microcontroller and explain them
7. Explain interrupts and timers in PIC microcontroller
8. Explain the Timer Modules in PIC microcontroller
9. Explain the Interrupt structure of PIC16C7X 10. Explain the KeySwitch subroutine algorithm with flowchart
11. Explain the keypad and keyswitch interface.
12. Discuss in detail about the following a. DAC b. Timers c. Interrupt
13. Draw and explain the architecture of on chip ADC of PIC micro controller in detail and write a suitable assembly language program for configuring the ADC.
14. Write a detailed note on the (a) FLASH & EEPROM memories (b) UART in PIC micro controller (c) ADC interfacing in PIC micro controller
15. Briefly explain the I2 C interfacing using PIC micro controller. Give the special function register involved & the corresponding wave form.
16. Define the architectural inheritance of ARM processor and explain?
17. Define Addressing mode? List the addressing modes of ARM
18. Discuss in detail the architectural support for operating systems
19. Explain the ARM Development tools in detail
20. Illustrate the ARM Programmers Model with necessary
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