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CE6302 Mechanics of Solids Nov Dec 2016 Important Questions

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Third / 03rd Semester
Department of Civil Engineering
CE6302 Mechanics of Solids
Nov Dec 2016 Important Questions
(Regulation 2013)

16 Marks Most Important Questions asked in previous years university examinations.

1. A tension bar is made of 2 parts. The length of 1st part is 300 cm and area is 20 cm^2 while the second part is of length 210 cm and 30 cm^2 . An axial load of 90 kN is gradually applied. Find the total strain energy produced in the bar and compare its value with that obtained in a uniform bar of same length and having same volume under same load. Take E = 2.1x10^5 N/mm^2.

2. A cast iron pipe of 220 mm internal diameter and 12 mm thick is wound closely with a single layer of circular steel wire of 5 mm diameter, under a tension of 60 N/mm^2. Find the initial compressive stress in the pipe section. Also find the stresses set up in the pipe and steel wire, when water under a pressure of 3.5 N/mm^2 is admitted into the pipe. Take E = 2x10^5 N/mm^2 for steel and E = 2x10^5 N/mm^2 for cast iron and poison’s ratio as 0.3.

3. Draw the shear force and bending moment diagram for the beam given below.

4. The cross section of T beam is as follows: Flange thickness = 10 mm; width of the flange = 100 mm; thickness of the web = 10 mm; depth of the web = 120 mm; If a shear force of 2 kN is acting at a particular section of the beam design and draw the shear stress distribution across the section

5. Draw the shear force and bending moment diagram for the beam given below. Also indicate the maximum bending moment and its location
6. Derive an expression for deflection of a simply supported beam carrying a) an eccentric point load b) UDL throughout its span.


8. A cantilever of length 2.5 m is loaded with an udl of 10 kN/m over a length 1.5 m from the fixed end and point load 2 kN at 2 m from free end. Use Moment area method. a) Design the beam for slope b) Design the beam for deflection at the free end.

9. A shaft has to transmit 110 KW at 160 rpm. If the shear stress is not to exceed 65 N/mm^2 and the twist in a length of 3.5 m must not exceed 1 deg, find a suitable diameter. Take C = 8x10^4 N/mm^2.

10. Using conjugate beam method, obtain slope and deflection at A, B, C and D of the beam shown in the following Fig. Take E = 200 GPa and I = 2 x 10^-2 m^4
11. Two close coiled helical springs wound from the same wire, but with different core radii having equal no.of coils are compressed between rigid plates at their ends. Calculate the maximum shear stress induced in each spring, if the wire diameter is 10 mm and the load applied between the rigid plates is 500N. the core radii of the spring 100 mm and 75 mm respectively.


13. A helical spring in which mean diameter of the coil is 8 times the wire diameter is to be designated to observe 0.2 KN of energy with an extension of 100 mm. the maximum shear stress is not to exceed 125 N/mm^2 . Determine the mean diameter of wire and diameter of springs and number of turns also find the load with an extension of 40 mm could be produced in the spring assume G= 84 KN/mm^2.

14. Derive an expression for strain energy stored in a body due to torsion

15. (a) Obtain a relation for change in length of a bar hanging freely under its own weight (b) Derive the relationship between modulus of elasticity and modulus of rigidity.
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