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CE6703 Water Resources and Irrigation Engineering Question Bank

Anna University Chennai - Question Bank / Previous University Questions - CE6703 Water Resources and Irrigation Engineering
Seventh / 07th Semester
Department of Civil Engineering
CE6703 Water Resources and Irrigation Engineering
Nov Dec 2016 Question Bank
(Regulation 2013)

Note: 16 Marks Most Important Questions Unitwise (Question Bank) asked in previous years university examinations are provided below.


1. Briefly discuss about water resources in India and Tamil Nadu.
2. Briefly explain the steps involved in water resources planning.
3. What is the importance of water resource survey for the development of the country?
4. Mention the importance of various data required for water resource development and how will you collect them?
5. What are the management strategies for excess and deficit water imbalance? How will you implement a water resource project?
6. Discuss the strategies for reservoir sedimentation.
7. Discuss about single and multipurpose reservoir with its advantages and disadvantages.
8. Discuss the strategies for reservoir operation.
9. Discuss about levees and flood walls
10. How will you fix the capacity reservoir?
11. Briefly discuss about the flood control methods.
12. Differentiate between structural and non structural measures for flood control?
13. What are the factors affecting sedimentation and control measures for sedimentation?
14. Briefly discuss about the planning of multipurpose reservoir
15. Write brief notes on channel improvement?

1. Discuss the salient feature of National Water Policy.
2. Briefly explain the steps involved in water resources planning.
3. Discuss the points about water allocation priorities in National Water Policy.
4. Briefly discuss about economics of water resource planning
5. Briefly discuss about consumptive use of water and the factors affecting consumptive use of
water. How will you measure it?
6. Briefly explain the methods for determination of consumptive use?
7. What is Master Plan in water resources? Explain the scope and aims in detail.
8. Briefly discuss about the contents of Master Plan?
9. Briefly discuss about the concept of basin as a unit for development?
10. What are the different characteristics of water? Briefly discuss about it?
11. What are the different equations for determination of consumptive use? Briefly explain it?
12. Write short notes on
 i. Water budget equation
 ii. Components of Master Plan

1. What are the merits and demerits of irrigation?
2. What are the factors affecting duty?
3. Briefly explain about irrigation efficiencies?
4. What are the consumptive use of water?
5. Briefly explain about planning and development of irrigation project.
6.Explain as how the following factors affect the duty of crop:
 (i) Soil and sub-soil condition
 (ii) Temperature
 (iii) Stage of growth
 (iv) Rainfall
7.Write short notes on :
 (i) Optimum utilisation of irrigation water
 (ii) Net irrigation requirement.
8. Define and explain the following terms :
 (i) Cash crops
 (ii) Available moisture
 (iii) Crop ratio
 (iv) Paleo irrigation

1. Briefly explain about Canal irrigation.
2. State the necessity and location of canal falls?
3.Briefly explain about classification of canals?
4. What are the factors affecting location and types of dams?
5. What are types of dams and dam arches? Explain in detail.
6. What are forces acting on a dam ? Explain in detail.
7. Explain the design features of cross drainage works?
8.Explain, in detail ,as to how will you proceed for determining the approximate value of design
discharge of  an irrigation canal.What procedure is required for its precise computations ?

1. Briefly explain about lift irrigation.
2. Briefly explain about tank irrigation.
3. Briefly explain about flooding methods.
4. Briefly explain about sprinkler irrigation methods.
5. Discuss the role of farmers in water management.
6. What is the need for water user’s association?
7. What is the need for optimization of water use?
8. Briefly explain about percolation pond?
9. Explain the various methods of ‘surface irrigation system’, bringing out clearly merits and applicability of each method.
10. State the classification of ‘surface irrigation’.
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