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Studies Essentials of Management B.Com LU 2010 Question Paper

University/board: Lucknow University
Course: B.Com Accounting and Finance
Old Question Paper Collection  
B.Com-I (2010 Question Paper)
Time Allowed: Three Hours
Maximum Marks: 100
Subject: Business Studies Essentials of Management

Note: Answer Five questions in all.Question No.1 is compulsory. One question is to be attempted from each unit.

1. Explain the following key words in not more than 100 words each:
(i) Formal and Informal communication.
(ii) Leadership styles.
(iii) Maslow's need hierarchy theory.
(iv) Management process.
(v) Management by objectives(MBO).
(vi) Manpower planning.
(vii) Delegation and decentralization.
(viii) Real time information.
(ix) Budgetary control.
(x) Scientific management.

2. What do you mean by system approach to management? Discuss its importance.


3. "Managers are known by the funtions they perform."Comment.Also discuss the nature of management.


4. "Organization is the foundation of management."Explain.Also discuss the process of organization.
5. What is meant by delegation of authority? Discuss the problems in delegation and measures to overcome these problems.


6. Define motivation.Discuss in details the Hezberg's theory of motivation.


7. Discuss the process of communication.Explain the significance of communication in mordern


8. Define the control function of management.Describe in details the process of control.
9. What is meant by coordination?Discuss in brief the techniques of coordination used by
mordern managers. 
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