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MG University BBA BA6CRT29 - STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT April 2021 Question Paper


Sixth Semester

MG University Previous years question papers

Bachelor of Business Administration


2017 Admission Onwards


Time: 3 Hours Max. Marks : 80

Part A

Answer any ten questions.

Each question carries 2 marks.

1. Define strategy.

2. What is Corporate Planning?

3. Explain EFAS.

4. What is value chain analysis?

5. Explain cost leadership Strategy.

6. Compare vertical and horizontal Integration.

7. Explain contingency Strategy.

8. What is Strategy Implementation?

9. What is meant by Strong and weak culture?

10. What is Merger?

11. What is a Star?

12. What is strategic evaluation and control (10×2=20)

Part B

Answer any six questions.

Each question carries 5 marks.

13. What are the levels of strategy?

14. Explain the elements of 7 S framework.

15. Explain the Components of Macro Environment.

16. Describe the purpose of EFAS and IFAS.

17. What is strategic formulation? What are the stages of strategic formulation?

18. List out the benefit of a good organisation structure.

19. Explain the features of Turnaround strategies.

20. What are the strategic issues involved in small business?

21. What are the strategic issues involved in non profit organisation? (6×5=30)

Part C

Answer any two questions.

Each question carries 15 marks.

22. Explain Strategic Management Process. What are the steps involved in it?

23. Write a detailed note on Industry Analysis.

24. Explain in detail the various Functional Level Strategies.

25. Describe the different techniques of strategic evaluation and control.

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