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Bangalore University BBM E-Business April May 2015 Question Paper

University: Bangalore University
Semester: VI Semester
Course: B.B.M Examination
QP Year: April / May 2015
Subject of Question Paper: E-Business
Time: 3 Hours Max. Marks: 100

Instruction: Answers should be written completely in English.


a. Name any four examples of B2B.

b. Write the meaning of web auction.

c. Give any two popular web browser.

d. What is web hosting?

e. Expand UDP,XML.

f. Differentiate private network for public network.

g. What is e-cash?

h. What is EDI?

i. Define Data ware housing.

j. What is SQL?


Answer any three questions. Each question carries 8 marks. (3x8=24)

2. Briefly explain the difference between e-commerce and e-business.

3. Explain briefly the basic components of e-commerce.

4. What are the different types of e-commerce channels.

5. Briefly explain the importance of CRM.


Answer any 4 questions, each question carries 15 marks. (4x15=60)

6. Explain the benefits and limitations of e-commerce to the business.

7. Discuss the hardware and soft ware requirements of E- commerce infrastructure.

8. Explain different security measures to e-commerce.

9. Explain payments in e-commerce.

10. Discuss the various types of cyber crimes. 
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