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Bangalore University BBM International Business April May 2015 Question Paper

Bangalore University Old Question Paper Collection
VI Semester B.B.M Examination, April / May 2015
Paper: International Business
Time duration: 3 hours
Max marks: 100
Instruction: Answers should be written completely in English

Section- A
I Answer any 8 sub-questions. Each question carries 2 marks ( 8x2=16)

a. What do you mean by opportunity cost theory?

b. What is globalisation?

c. What do you mean by political environment of business?

d. What is marketing information system?

e. Define international business.

f. Give the definition of marketing research.

g. What is franchising?

h. What do you mean by balance of trade?

i. What are BPO's?

j. What is direct exporting?


2. What are the four approaches to international business?

3. Mention the advantages and disadvantages of FDI

4. Explain the methods of payment.

5. What are the features of international business?


Answer question no. 10 which is compulsory and any 3 of the remaining. Each question carries 15 marks.

6. List out the export promotion institutes.

7. Explain the scope of international marketing.

8. Briefly explain various modes of entering into international business.

9. Differentiate between domestic business operations and international business operations.

10. What are the advantages and disadvantages of globalisation?
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