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Bangalore University BBM Strategic Management 2015 Question Paper

Bangalore University

VI Semester B.B.M Examination, April/May 2015

Question Paper Title: Strategic Management

Time: 3 Hours Max Marks: 100

Instruction: Answers should be written completely in English


Answer any eight sub questions. Each question carries 2 marks ( 8x2-16)

a. What is mission statement?

b. Give the meaning of business ethics.

c. What is environment scanning?

d. Give the meaning of expansion strategy.

e. What is external environment. .

f. Expand PERT.

g. What do you mean by merger strategy?

h. Mention any 2 aspects of implementation of strategy.

i. What do you mean by corporate culture.

j. Expand BPM


.Answer any 3 questions. Each question carries 8 marks. (3x8=24)

2. Explain the impact of socio-cultural environment in business.

3. Write a short note on management control.

4. Mention the steps involved in strategy implementation.

5. Explain the different phases pertaining to project implementation.


6. Explain value chain analysis

7. What are the steps involved in strategic planning process.

8. Write a note on:

a. restructures strategies.

b. stability strategies

9. Discuss the role of effective leadership in strategy implementation

10. Explain the role of various strategic decision makers. 
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