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SAE3A C++ and Data Structures April 2015 Question Paper

On a search of SAE3A C++ and Data Structures Old Question Papers for MU? You can download here April 2015 question paper of SAE3A C++ and Data Structures.

University of Madras / Madras University
Subject Code: SAE3A/SAZ3A
Exam Year: APRIL 2015
Subject Name: C++ & DATA STRUCTURES


  1. Define Token. What are the tokens used in C++?
  2. State the use of void in C++?
  3. What are inline functions? How can an outside function be made in line?
  4. Define Constructors. List some of the special characteristics of constructors.
  5. Give a function to overload a unary minus operator using friend functions.
  6. Differentiate between list and array.
  7. List the various modes of opening a file.
  8. Write the post-fix and prefix forms for the expressions A+B*(C-D)|(P-R)
  9. Define queue. How do you test for an empty queue?
  10. What is the need for hashing?
  11. Define an expression tree.
  12. What is type conversion?


  1. Draw the expression tree for the expression : (a+b*c) +((d*e+f)*g)
  2. Explain the adjacency matrix representation for a graph.
  3. Write about the data members and data member functions that exists in a class.
  4. Explain the error handling during file operations.
  5. Write a routine to explain the en queue operation of a queue.
  6. How is an infix expression converted to post-fix expression?


  1. Explain the Dijkstra's algorithm with an example.
  2. Explain the insert and delete operation for a singly linked list.
  3. Write notes on: (i) File pointers. (ii) EOF.
  4. Explain how stream classes support the console I/O operations.
  5. Write a C++ program to add two complex numbers using operator overloading.
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