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SEE6G Software Engineering April 2015 Question Paper

Would like to download SEE6G Software Engineering Old Question Papers for MU? You can download here April 2015 question paper of SEE6G Software Engineering.

University of Madras / Madras University
Subject Code: SEE6G
Exam Year: APRIL 2015
Subject Name: Software Engineering


  1. Give the IEEE definition of Software Engineering.
  2. Write down three types of activities of Software maintenance.
  3. Define Accuracy.
  4. What do you mean by Work Breakdown Structures?
  5. What are the components of State-Oriented Notations?
  6. What is abstraction/
  7. What is Functional cohesion?
  8. Bring the primary goal of implementation phase of software development?
  9. What are the various levels of type checking?
  10. What is Life-Cycle verification?
  11. What is the physical Audit?
  12. Write the goal of Structure testing?


  1. Discuss the methods for solving the problems of management issues.
  2. Explain the Prototype life-Cycle model.
  3. Write a note on Regular expressions.
  4. Illustrate the integrated top-down technique with suitable example.
  5. Explain test plans/
  6. Discuss the derived types of user defined data types.
  7. Explain weakest preconditions in formal verification's.


  1. Describe the Milestones, Documents and Review of software development.
  2. Describe Algorithmic Cost Models.
  3. Describe Jackson structured programming.
  4. Discuss the DOS of good coding style.
  5. Explain the System Testing.

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