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SAE6A Computer Networks April 2015 Question Paper

Looking for SAE6A Computer Networks Old Question Papers for MU? You can download here April 2015 question paper of SAE6A Computer Networks,

University of Madras / Madras University
Subject Code: SAE6A/SAZ6B/SEU6D
Exam Year: APRIL 2015


  1. List the components of data communication.
  2. Define: HALF-DUPLEX MODE.
  3. What is LAN.
  4. Write a note on: Parallel Transmission.
  5. What is MODEM?
  6. Define:Burst Error.
  7. What is meant by Multiplexing?
  8. What is FDDI?
  9. Define: Circuit Switching.
  10. Write a note on:Broadband ISDN
  11. What is meant by Router?
  12. What is WWW?


  1. Write short notes on:Layers in OSI model.
  2. Discuss briefly on: Serial Transmission.
  3. Discuss any TWO guided transmission media.
  4. Write short notes on: Ethernet.
  5. Distinguish between Connection Oriented and Connection-less Services.
  6. Discuss about ATM Protocol.
  7. Write short notes on:Bridges and Gateways.


  1. Describe various Network Topologies.
  2. Explain about Unguided Transmission Media used in Computer Networks.
  3. Describe in detail, Token bus and Token Ring.
  4. Explain about X,25 layers.
  5. Discuss in detail any ONE Routing algorithm.
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