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GATE-2016: ECE Session 3 Question Paper PDF

Are you looking for EC Electronics and Communication Engineering GATE 2016 question paper in PDF ? You can download it in PDF format below. Read more details about the download of EC Electronics and Communication Engineering GATE 2016 question paper here under.

Exam Board: IIT Bangalore
Exam Name: GATE-2016
Subject Name: EC ECE
Session: 3
Source of Information:

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Sample Questions:
Q.2 The students ___________ the teacher on teachers’ day for twenty years of dedicated teaching.
(A) facilitated (B) felicitated (C) fantasized (D) facillitated

Q.3 After India’s cricket world cup victory in 1985, Shrotria who was playing both tennis and cricket
till then, decided to concentrate only on cricket. And the rest is history. What does the underlined phrase mean in this context?
(A) history will rest in peace (B) rest is recorded in history books (C) rest is well known (D) rest is archaic

Download link in PDF format at GATE-2016: ECE Session 3 Question Paper PDF

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