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GATE-2016: CE Civil Engineering Session 7 Question Paper PDF

Are you looking for CE Civil Engineering GATE 2016 question paper in PDF ? You can download it in PDF format below. Read more details about the download of CE Civil Engineering GATE 2016 question paper here under.

Exam Board: IIT Bangalore
Exam Name: GATE-2016
Subject Name: CE Civil Engineering
Session: 7
Source of Information:

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Sample Questions:
Q. 1 – Q. 5 carry one mark each.
If I were you, I __________ that laptop. It’s much too expensive.
(A) won’t buy
(B) shan’t buy
(C) wouldn’t buy
(D) would buy
He turned a deaf ear to my request. What does the underlined phrasal verb mean?
(A) ignored
(B) appreciated
(C) twisted
(D) returned
Choose the most appropriate set of words from the options given below to complete the following sentence. _________ ___________ is a will, _________ is a way.
(A) Wear, there, their
(B) Were, their, there
(C) Where, there, there
(D) Where, their, their

Click here to Download the PDF file of GATE-2016 CE Civil Engineering Session 7 Question Paper PDF

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