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GATE-2016: CY Chemistry Question Paper PDF

Searching for CY Chemistry GATE 2016 question paper ? You can download it in PDF format below. Read more details about the download of CY Chemistry GATE 2016 question paper here under.

Exam Board: IIT Bangalore
Exam Name: GATE-2016
Subject Name: CY Chemistry
Session: 4
Source of Information:

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Sample Questions:
Q.34 The shapes of XeF5+ and XeF5̶ , respectively, are
(A) pentagonal planar and square pyramidal
(B) pentagonal planar and trigonal bipyramidal
(C) square pyramidal and pentagonal bipyramidal
(D) square pyramidal and pentagonal planar

Q.35 Sodium salts of pseudohalogens X, Y, and Z form colourless solutions in water. Solution of X
decolorizes I3˗ solution with brisk effervescence. Solution of Y gives an intense red colour on
reaction with Fe3+ solution. Solution of Z gives an intense blue colour on reaction with a solution
containing Fe3+ and Fe2+ ions. The pseudohalogens X, Y, and Z, respectively, are
(A) CN˗, N3 -, and CNS-
(B) N3-, CNS-, and CN˗
(C) N3-, CN˗, and CNS-
(D) N3-, CNS˗, and CNOQ.
36 On reacting 1.55 g of a diol with an excess of methylmagnesium iodide, 1.12 L (corrected to STP)
of methane gas is liberated. The molecular mass (g mol-1) of the diol is ____________.

Download in PDF format for the GATE Chemistry exam paper at GATE-2016: CY Chemistry Question Paper PDF
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