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B.Sc Biotech BU Bhopal Plant Biotechnology and Environmental Biotechnology 2009 Question Paper

Searching for BSc Biotechnology Barkatullah University Old Question Papers ? You can here download 2010 old question paper BSc Biotechnology for a subject of Plant Biotechnology & Environmental Biotechnology of this university, Check out more details below:

Barkatullah University
Course : B.Sc Biotechnology
Time allowed : 3 hours
Maximum Marks : 50
Subject : Plant Biotechnology and Environmental Biotechnology
Exam Year : 2009
Section - A

Q.1 Comment upon the following in brief (any five):
(a) Growth regulator (b) Endosperm culture (c) Micropropagation (d) Protoplast fusion (e) Somatic hybridization (f) Genetic manipulation (g) Microbiology of food materials (h) Municipal wastes (i) Toxic chemicals (j) Natural pesticides

Seciton - B

Q.2 Write short notes on any one-
(a) Organogenesis & its practical application
(b) Production of triploids

Q.3 Write short notes on any one-
(a) Various steps in the regeneration of protoplast.
(b) Single cell suspension culture.

Q.4 Write short notes on any one-
(a) Practical application of somatic hybridization.
(b) Use of plant cell for genetic manipulation of plants.

Q.5 Write short notes on any one-
(a) Renewable resources.
(b) Treatment of Industrial effluents.

Q.6 Write short notes on any one-
(a) Biological control of insects.
(b) Degradation of pesticides.

Section - C

Q.7 Describe the various fundamental principles of genetic engineering and its applications in biotechnology.
Discuss the use of markers for the selection of hybrid cell.

Q.8 What are transgenic plants? Discuss techniques for the production of transgenic plants and explain its significance.
Discuss the formation of tumor on plants using A.tumefaciens.

Q.9 What do you mean by biofertilizers? Explain its importance as a substitute of chemical fertilizers in agriculture.
Explain the environmental and modern fuels with their impacts on environment in detail. 
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