Monday, December 28, 2015

BSc IT Data Communication and Network BU Bhopal 2009 Question Paper

Looking for BSc IT Barkatullah University Old Question Papers ? You can here download 2009 old question paper BSc IT Data Communication and Network of this university, Check out more details below:

Barkatullah University Question Paper
Course : B.Sc Information Technology
Time : 3 Hours
Maximum Marks : 50
Subject : Data Communication and Network

1. Explain the function of different layers of OSI Reference Model.
Draw protocol suite for OSI Reference Model and write note on any one of the protocol.

2. Explain ARQ protocol with its various functions.
Write difference between TDM and FDM.

3. What do you understand by Network Topologies? Explain different types of topology.
What are the different routing algorithms? Explain any one of them.

4. Write short notes on the following :
(1) DHCP (2) Mobile IP
Write and explain frame format of IPV6.

5. What do you understand by cryptography? Explain any one substitution method.
Write short notes on the following :
(1) MPLS (2) RSVP 
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