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Barkatullah University: BCA-303 Organization Behaviour 2010 Question Paper

Require BCA Barkatullah University Old Question Papers ? You can here download 2010 old question paper BCA Organization Behaviour of this university, Check out more details below:

Barkatullah University Question Paper
Question Paper Code : AS-180
B.C.A. (Third Semester) EXAMINATION, 2009-10
Time: Three Hours
Maximum Marks : 35
Note : Attempt all questions.
Section-A 1-each
(Objective Type Questions)
Note: Choose the correct answer.
1 (a) Psychology is the study of
(i) Mental processes
(ii) Mind
(iii) Mental processes and behaviour
(iv) Behaviour
(b) Theory of personality which gives emphasis on unconscious process is related with:
(i) Allport
(ii) Freud
(iii) Binet
(iv) Cattell
(c ) Two factor theory of motivation is associated with:
i. Abraham Maslow
ii. Herzberg
iii. McClelland
iv. Vroom
(d) Contingency theory of leadership emphasizes on :
i. Leader’s characteristics
ii. Follower’s characteristics
iii. Importance of situation
iv. None of these
(e) When boss sends message to his subordinates, it is the example of:
i. Horizontal Communication
ii. Vertical Communication
iii. Downward Communication
iv. Upward Communication

Section –B 2-each
(Short Answer Type Question)
Note : Your answer should be brief.
2. Define Psychology.
Where does the psychologist observe?
3. Explain the concept of sensation and discuss its importance
What is perception? How does it affect our behavior?
4. In transactional analysis discuss the concept of ego states and its types.
Define motivation and discuss its importance in organization.
5. Why do people join groups? Explain.
Explain the functions of group.
6. Explain the concept of communication and discuss its functions.
Critically evaluate the role of communication in determining organizational effectiveness.

Section-C 4 each
(Long Answer Type Questions)
Note: Your answer should be descriptive and elaborative.
7. Discuss the importance of study of Psychology in Organization.
Discuss the field and scope of Psychology.
8. Explain any two of the following:
(a) Emotions and Feelings
(b) Leavning and its role in organization
(c) Laws of perceptions
What do you understand by personality? Discuss any two theories of personality.
9. Explain the contingency model of organization.
Explain the Maslow’s theory of motivation and compare it with Herzberg’s theory.
10. What do you understand by Group? Discuss the group dynamics.
Define leadership and discuss any two theories of leadership.
11. Discuss the process of communication.
Discuss the methods and barriers of communication.
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