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BCA-302 Database Management System and Design BU Bhopal 2010 Question Paper

Looking for BCA Barkatullah University Old Question Papers ? You can here download 2010 old question paper BCA 3rd Semester Database Management System and Design of this university, Check out more details below:

Barkatullah University QP
Question Paper Code : AS-179
B.C.A. (Third Semester) EXAMINATION, 2009-10
Time: Three Hours
Maximum Marks : 35
Note : Attempt all questions, internall choices are given
Section-A 1-each
(Objective Type Questions)
Q.1. Attempt any five questions:
(i) Which of the following defines the stored data structures in terms of the database model used:
a. Internal schemas
b. External schema
c. Conceptual schema
d. None of the above
(ii) Which of the following is an attributeis that holds a single value for a single entity:
a. Simple
b. Compositive
c. Derived
d. Single-valued
(iii) Which is the symbol used to denote the select operation?
a. Sigma
b. Rho
c. Pi
d. None of these
(iv) Which of the following is a valid SQL data type:
a. Character
b. Numeric
d. All of the above
(v) Which of the following is a cursor operation:
a. Open & Fetch
b. Declare
c. Close
d. All of the Above

Section –B
Short Answer Type Question 5x2=10
Q.II. What do you understand by data dictionary?
Explain the terms with example:
i. Data
ii. Information
iii. Database
Q.III. Explain various types of relationship.
What is key? Differentiate between super key and primary key.
Q.IV. What is specialization? Explain with example.
Differentiate between Relational algebra and SQL.
Q.V. How are data retrieved using views?
What are the uses of indexes?
Q.VI Write the syntax of SQL and explain it with example.
What do you understand by locks?
Long Answer Type Question
Q.VII. Describe Dataware house and knowledge discovery in database.
Explain in architecture of a database system.
Q.VIII. What do you understand by normalization? Explain various types of normalization.
Explain the following terms with example:
i. Functional dependency
ii. Multi valued dependency
Q.IX. What is a Cartesian product? How is it represented? Explain with an example.
Explain various oracle data types with example.
Q.X. Write down the syntax of insertion, update and delete operation. Explain each operation with example.
Differentiate between simple query and subqueries with example. What are the benefits of joins compared to subqueries?
Q.XI. What is locking? What are the different types of locks?
What are user defined transactions and what are they used for?
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