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Annamalai University December 2014 Question Paper B.A/B.Sc/B.C.A/B.Music/B.Dance/B.F.A/BFTT: PROSE AND COMPOSITION

Annamalai University december 2014 question paper
Time: Three hours Maximum: 100 marks
I. Answer any THREE of the following question in about 100 words
each: (3×5-15)
 1. Give a brief account of Chumley’s life in London.
2. Write Tagore’s experiences with Dr. Scott and his family.
3. What did W-G Grace do to cricket?
4. Explain Jock;s encounter with a black cat.
5. What was Strong’s experience with thrillers?
6. Describe Morrison’s experience on his first Moon night at his residence in
the Estate.
 II. Answer any TWO of the following questions about 300 words each:
 7. Write an essay on the blessings and defects of our civilization.
 8. Describe the thrilling experience of Ommanney in the running race.
 9. Discuss the events that made Edison a great scientist.
 10. Write about Orwell’s views on , ‘being a book –seller’.
11. Examine Trevelyan’s study of history and the historian.
12. Write briefly Durell’s experience with Chumley.
 III. Answer any ONE of the following questions in about 300 words:
13. Sketch the character of Miss Harisham.
14. Discuss Pip’s experience with Abel Maguritch.
15. Write the story of Miss. Harisham.
IV. Answer any THREE of the following questions in about 100 words
each: (3×5=15)
16. Explain the Political happening since Abraham Lincoln assumed power.
17. Why did Francis dislike Joyce and Mabel warren?
18. Narrate the family conditions of Gafur.
19. Mother Teresa’s experience at Culcutta- Discuss.
20. Discuss Schweitzer as a medical practitioner.
21. How did Helen learn to speak?
 22. Make a prĂ©cis of the following passage in about one-third of its
length. (1×10=10)
Nationalism of course is a curious phenomenon which at a certain stage
in a Country’s history gives life, growth, strength and units, but at the
same time , it has a tendency to limit one, because one thinks of one
Country as something different from the rest of the World. The perspective
changes and one is continuously thinking of one’s own struggles and
virtues and failings to the exclusion of other thoughts. The result is that
the same nationalism which is the symbol of growth for a people becomes
a symbol of the cessation of that growth in the mind. Nationalism, when it
becomes successful, sometime goes on spreading in an aggressive way
and becomes a danger internationally. Whatever line of thought you
follow, you arrive at the conclusion that some kind of balance must be
found. Otherwise something that was good can turn in to evil. Culture,
which is essentially good, becomes not only static but aggressive and
something that breeds conflict and hatred when looked at from a wrong
point of view. How you are to find a balance. Apart from the political and
economic problems of the age, that is the greatest problem today, because
behind it there is a tremendous search for something which it cannot
find. We turn to economic theories because they have an undoubted
importance. It is folly to talk of culture or even of god when human beings
starve and die. Before one can talk about anything else one must provide
the normal essentials of life to human beings. That is where economics
comes in. Human beings today are not in a mood to tolerate this suffering
and starvation and inequality when they see that the burden is not
equally shared. Other profit while they only bear the burden.
23. a) Fill in the blanks with suitable prepositions:
 i) Siva started _____six_____ the morning.
ii) The Express departs_______ 3 P.M _______ Delhi
iii) He was killed_______ the robber______ a hatchet.
iv) Shivani spoke______ me ______Urdu.
v) The exercise was written ______ him______ a Camlin pen.
 b) Fill up the blanks with suitable articles. (5)
 i) ________banyan is _______ kind of fig tree
ii) _______darkest cloud has_____ silver lining.
iii) ________Gold is_______precious metal
iv) Let us discuss _______matter seriously with members.
 c) Rewrite any FIVE of the following as directed: (5×2=10)
24. Neither of the two men want their office renovated(Correct the sentence)
25. Premchand wrote this novel(Change in to passive voice)
26. Brutus loved Caesar.(Add a questions tag)
27. Don’t you know the way home? asked I.(Change in to indirect)
28. They have been building the bridge for several month.(Change in to a
29. It is easier to preach them to practice (Change in to Positive Degree)
 30. They_______(play) since four O’clock (Add suitable verb)
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