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Monday, December 28, 2015

B.Sc Electronics Barkatullah University 2009 Question Paper

Looking for BSc Barkatullah University Old Question Papers ? You can here download 2009 old question paper B.Sc Electronics of this university, Check out more details below:

Barkatullah University
Subject : Electronics
Course : B.Sc Electronics
Time : 3 Hours
Maximum marks : 50

1. What are Bridges? Describe the working and uses of Kelvin and Schering Bridges.
Write short notes on the following :
(1) Wheatstone Bridge (2) Wien Bridge (3) D.C. ammeter (4) Multimeter

2. Explain True RMS Voltmeter, Electronic Multimeter.
Draw the circuit diagram of cathode ray tube and explain the working and uses of sampling CRO.

3. What do you mean by Frequency Counter and Time Interval Measurements explain.
What are Transducers? Explain the working principles of A/D and D/A converters?

4. What are Microcomputers? Explain in detail.
Describe looping counting ad 16-bit arithmetic instruction.

5. What are Hardware ad Software interrupts? Also explain priorities of interrupts and interrupt service subroutines.
What do you mean by Code Conversion, BCD arithmetic and 16 bit data operations, explain. 

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