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M Tech Operating System Barkatullah University 2009 Question Paper

University : Barkatullah University Question Paper
Course : M Tech
Subject : Operating System
Time : 3 Hours
Maximum Marks : 50
Exam Year 2009

1. (a) What is Operating System? Explain.
(b) Explain evolution of operating system.
Or (a) Explain the types of operating system.
(b) What is Multiprogramming? Explain.

2. What is the relation between the following pairs of CPU Scheduling Algorithms?
(1) FCFS and Round Robin (2) Priority and SJF
Or (a) What is prevention and recovery? Explain.
(b) What is deadlock avoidance? Explain.

3. How to reduce the effective memory-access-time in a paged system? Explain.
Or (a) What is virtual memory concept? Explain.
(b) What is non-contiguous allocation? Explain.

4. (a) What is disk space management? Explain.
(b) What is address translation? Explain.
Or (a) What is disk organisation? Explain.
(b) What is disk controller? Explain.

5. (a) What is device management? Explain.
(b) What is vertical devices? Explain.
Or (a) Explain security, policies and mechanism.
(b) What is Authentication protection? Explain. 
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