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2010 Question Paper,University Of Pune Question Paper,MARKETING MANAGEMENT (SPECIALIZATION - I : ADVERTISING AND SALES PROMOTION),P. G. D. B. M. (Semester - IV)

University Of Pune Question Paper
P. G. D. B. M. (Semester - IV) Examination - 2010
(Old 2005 Pattern)
Time : 3 Hours] [Max. Marks : 60
Instructions :
(1) Answer any four questions.
(2) All questions carry equal marks.
Q.1) Define the term ‘Advertising’. Discuss advertisement of ‘Tata Sky’ featuring
Aamir Khan or ‘Idea’ featuring Abhishek Bacchan. Do they fulfill the
function of Advertising ?
Q.2) Discuss Concept of ‘Copy’ and ‘Message’. What are elements of a Good
Copy ?
Q.3) List various types of Media. Discuss strength and weakness of Print Media
in detail.
Q.4) How are Advertising and Sales Promotion related to each other ? In short
enumerate various techniques of Sales Promotion.
Q.5) Discuss method of measuring effectiveness of an Advertising Campaign.
Q.6) Write short notes :
(a) Various Approaches to Advertising
(b) Forms of Publicity
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