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Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam University D PHARMA II SEM Hospital & Clinical Pharmacy [DPY206] April 2021 Question Paper

Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam University

Diploma in Pharmacy

Second Year Main Examination, April-2021

Hospital & Clinical Pharmacy [DPY206]

Time: 3:00 Hrs Max Marks 80

Note : Attempt any five questions.

Each question carries equal marks.

Q.1 (a) Fill in the blanks with suitable words. (Any 8)

(i) Type I ADR reactions is___________

(a) Caused when T-cells bind to a specific antigen

(b) Caused by tissue injury

(c) IgE mediated

(d) Caused by cytotoxic antibodies

(ii) Average time period for phase II clinical trials study is ________

(a) Upto 4 year (b) Upto few month

(c) Upto Two year (d) Upto several year

(iii) ___________ drug can cause lactic acidosis.

(a) Metformin (b) Pioglitazone

(c) Repaglinide (d) Glibenclamide

(iv) The incidence ADR is highest in ___________.

(a) Children (b) Elderly

(c) Women (d) Men

(v) ___________ antihypertensive therapy should be avoided in type-1 diabetes mellitus

(a) ACE inhibitors (b) High dose diuretics

(c) Centrally acting (d) calcium channel blockers

(vi) ___________ is an example of Category X drugs

(a) Diclofenac (b) Ranitidine

(c) Lorazepam (d) Paracetamol

(vii) ___________ is indicated in agitation and restlessness in the elderly, despite the high incidence of

extrapyramidal side-effects.

(a) Prochlorperazine (b) Clozapine

(c) Haloperidol (d) Flupentixol

(viii) ___________ is contraindicated during pregnancy due to its Teratogenicity.

(a) Folic acid (b) Calcium

(c) Retinol (d) Iron

Page [12]

(ix) ___________ commonly reported ADR of diureticclass of drugs.

(a) Hypokalemia (b) Alopecia

(c) Skin disorder (d) Rhinitis

(x) ________________ causes pharmacodynamics drug interaction.

(a) Gastric motility changes. (b) Stimulation of metabolism

(c) Alteration of pH of GIT. (d) Interactions at receptor site

Q.1 (b) MCQs (Any 8)

(i) Rheumatic arthritis is diagnosed with the help of

(a) ESR (b) ESR and rheumatic factor

(c) Haemoglobulin (d) Uric acid

(ii) The objectives of PTC is-

(a) Advisory (b) Education

(c) Drug safety and ADR monitoring (d) All the above

(iii) The word signa in the prescription indicated

(a) List of ingredients (b) The strength of medication

(c) Instruction to the patient (d) All of the above

(iv) Surgical gauze is checked for the following standard-

(a) Yarn number (b) Thread per stated length

(c) Weight per unit area (d) All of the above

(v) The antileprotic drug clofazimine causes

(a) Nephrotoxicity (b) Photosensitivity

(c) Hepatotoxicity (d) None of these

(vi) For knowing the presence of infection disease which one of these blood examination is more


(a) ESR (b) Cholesterol

(c) Uric acid (d) Haemoglobin

(vii) Administration of oxygen in neoborns causes

(a) Blood loss (b) Ototoxicity

(c) Impaired sight (d) None of these

(viii) High incidence of vaginal adenocarcinoma is associated with the therapy involving

(a) Stilbesterol (b) Antithyroid

(c) Testosterone (d) None of these

(ix) Repeated administration of barbiturates causes -

(a) Vitamin A deficiency (b) Folate deficiency

(c) Vitamin C deficiency (d) None of the above

(x) When structurally different drug give same clinical result it is called.

(a) Therapeutic equivalence (b) Clinical equivalence

(c) Bioequivalence (d) None of these

Q.2 (a) Explain Out patient service?

(b) Write a note on In patient service?

Q.3 (a) Classify poison, Enlist steps in general treatment of poisoning?

 (b) Explain brief about hospital pharmacy?

Q.4 (a) Define management and health delivery system in India?

(b) Give the detail about the drug distribution system in hospital?

Q.5 (a) Explain the term drug abuse and drug habituation. How is the treatment of drug abuse done?

(b) Write application of computer in retail pharmacy establishment? .

Q.6 (a) Briefly write on Large Volume Parentral Solution (LVPs)

(b) Explain Drug Price control Act in detail

Q.7 (a) Describe in detail medical Termination of pregnancy act1971.

(b) Discuse the provisions of the Act that are applicable to the Sale &

Labelling of Homeopathic Medicines.

Q.8 (a) Explain the term drug abuse and drug habituation. How is the treatment of drug abuse done?

(b) What is Hepatitis? Give its types and symptoms.

Attachments in PDF: Please Click Here: Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam University D PHARMA II SEM Hospital & Clinical Pharmacy [DPY206] April 2021 Question Paper 

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