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Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam University D PHARMA I SEM Pharmaceutics-I (DPY101) April 2021 Question Paper

Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam University

Diploma in Pharmacy

First Year Main Examination, April-2021

Pharmaceutics-I (DPY101)

Time: 3:00 Hrs Max Marks 80

Note : Attempt any five questions. Each question carries equal marks.

Q.1 (A) Fill in the blanks with suitable words. (Any eight)

(i) The Suspension should ________ before use.

(ii) One milligram = ________ gram.

(iii) The term Pharmacopoeia derived from the greek word ________.

(iv) The full form of IP is ________.

(v) The full form of BP is ________.

(vi) Tablet is a ________ Dosage form.

(vii) Emulsion is a ________ Dosage form.

(viii) Light Resistant containers protect the content from ___________.

(ix) Syrups are concentrated solution of ________.

(x) Diluents are used in tablet to make ________.

 (B) Attempt multiple choice questions. (Any eight)

(i) The first edition of I.P. was published ina) 1968 b) 1986 c) 1948 d) 1868

(ii) Tablet Punching machine works on the principle ofa) Attraction b) Compression and attrition

c) Compression d) Dissolution

(iii) HPMC (Hydroxy Propyl Methyl Cellulose) isa) A Polymer b) A Diluent

c) A Glident d) A Blinder

(iv) Hardness of the tablet is measured by

a) Fribility apporatus b) Disintegration apporatus

c) Verniar Calliperse d) Monsanto Hardness tester

(v) Starch is used as _________ in Tablet.

a) Flavouring agent b) Coating material

c) Colouring agent d) Binder

(vi) Particle size reduction increases the __________ of solid substances.

a) Evaporation b) Precipitation

c) Surface area d) Sublimation

(vii) Ophthalmic dosage forms area) Tablet b) Eye drops

c) Capsules d) Syrups

(viii) Parenteral dosage forms area) Tablet b) Injection

c) Ointment d) Capsule

(ix) Capsule is a _________

a) Solid Dosage form b) Liquid Dosage form

c) Parenteral d) Semisolid Dosage form

(x) Hammer mill works on the principle ofa) Compression b) Dissolution

c) Disintegration d) Impact

Q.2 (A) What is Sterilization. Classify it.

 (B) Describe different method of Sterilization.

Q.3 (A) Define Tablet and describe the different types of tablets.

 (B) Explain the different types of coating on Solid Dosage form.

Q.4 (A) Define Dosage form & give the classification of Dosage forms with


 (B) Explain the various Drug delivery systems.

Q.5 (A) Describe the different types of containers and closures used in

pharmaceutical industry.

 (B) Classify the different closures.

Q.6 (A) Write a short note on Liquid Dosage forms.

 (B) Write short note on Solid Dosage forms.

Q.7 (A) What is Extraction? Describe percolation & maceration processes.

 (B) Describe Ayurvedic Dosage forms.

Q.8 (A) Define Powders. Write down the official standards for powders according

to I.P.

 (B) Write a short note on Soft gelatin capsules

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