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University of Madras CDZ4A Elements of Operational Research April 2021 Question Paper

Madras University

APRIL 2021

Question Paper Code: 62413

Subject code: MBT4A / CDG2A / CPM2B / CDC4A / CDZ4A

Subject: Elements of Operational Research

Course: B.Com II Year

04th Semester

Time : Three hours 

Maximum : 75 marks

PART A — (10 x 2 = 20 marks) 

Answer any TEN questions each in 30 words. 

1. State any two applications of operations research. 

2. Define L.P.P. 

3. What are the characteristics of LPP? 

4. Define slack variable. 

5. What are the two forms of LPP? 

6. Write any two limitations of LPP. 

7. Define feasible solution. 

8. State the necessary and sufficient conditions for transportation problem have a feasible solution. 

9. Define transportation problem. 

10. What is the objective of an assignment problem? 

11. Define two person zero sum game. 

12. What are the classification of strategy? 

.... Full question paper can be downloaded below.

Attachment in PDF : Click here to download University of Madras CDZ4A Elements of Operational Research April 2021 Question Paper

Attachment in Scanned Copies (3rd Page only):

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