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Anna University EC2051 Wireless Sensor Networks Nov Dec 2021 Question Paper

Anna University Previous Years Question Paper

Question Paper Code : 80429

Reg. No. : 


Eighth Semester 

 Electronics and Communication Engineering 


(Regulations 2008) 

Time : Three hours Maximum : 100 marks 

Answer ALL questions. 

PART A — (10 × 2 = 20 marks) 

1. Define WSN. 

2. Explain the term ‘Auto-configuration' in WSN. 

3. What are the reasons of Hidden Terminal Problem? 

4. List some of the physical layer design constraints in wireless sensor networks. 

5. What are the factors that influence physical layer design in wireless sensor networks? 

6. Does random address assignment in WSN lead to address conflicts? Justify your answer. 

7. Define localization. 

8. Highlight the salient feature of location-based routing. 

9. Write the capability of PSFQ simulation approach. 

10. Define data – centric storage. 

PART B — (5 × 16 = 80 marks) 

11. (a) Discuss the characteristics requirements and the required mechanisms to realize the requirements of WSN. (16) 


(b) Discuss the potential applications of wireless sensor networks. (16) 

12. (a) (i) Draw and explain the overview of sensor node hardware components. (8) 

 (ii) Discuss in detail about the concept of event-based programming. (8) 


(b) (i) Explain the need for gateways and also explain how internet and WSN communication can be established with a diagram. (10) 

 (ii) Describe the energy efficiency of WSN. (6) 

13. (a) Give short notes on : 

 (i) Assignment of MAC addresses 

(ii) Mediation device protocol. (8 + 8 = 16) 


(b) Explain in detail any two geographic routing protocols. (16) 

14. (a) What is Sensor Tasking and Control? Briefly explain about task driven sensing and information based Sensor Tasking. (16) 


(b) Discuss in detail any two localization and positioning algorithms. (16) 

15. (a) (i) List the factors that make the use of innovative development models particularly important. (8) 

(ii) Explain the system architecture of a canonical wireless sensor node. (8) 


(b) (i) Write the inferences that can be drawn from power analysis of sensor nodes. (8) 

(ii) Write the properties and the main design challenges of data dissemination protocols in a wireless sensor network. (8) 



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