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JNTUK R16 B.Tech 1st Semester Digital Image Processing Oct Nov 2019 Question Paper

JNTUK Question Paper

Code No: R1641042


IV B.Tech I Semester Regular Examinations, October/November - 2019


(Common to Electronics & Communication Engineering and Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering and Electronics & Computer Engineering)

Time: 3 hours Max. Marks: 70

Question paper consists of Part-A and Part-B

Answer ALL sub questions from Part-A

Answer any FOUR questions from Part-B


PART–A (14 Marks)

1. a) Define 4-neighbors and 8-neighbors of a pixel. [2]

b) What is meant by image enhancement? Why it is needed? [3]

c) Sketch the probability density functions of Gaussian noise and salt-and-pepper noise. [2]

d) Draw the block diagram of general image compression system. [2]

e) Define Erosion and Dilation. [3]

f) Write the applications of RGB color model. [2]

PART–B (4x14 = 56 Marks)

2. a) What are the various arithmetic operations used in digital image processing? Explain. [7]

b) Explain about Hadamard transform and determine the Hadamard matrix for order N = 8. [7]

3. a) Explain about contrast stretching and Bit-Plane slicing. [7]

b) Explain about notch filtering and write the use of it in image processing. [7]

4. a) Discuss about image denosing using spatial mean filters. [7]

b) Explain about image restoration using minimum mean square error filtering. [7]

5. a) With an example, explain the concept of Run Length coding. [7]

b) Discuss about wavelet functions used in multi resolution analysis. [7]

6. a) Write the applications of segmentation and explain threshold based segmentation. [7]

b) Explain about morphological opening operation with example. [7]

7. a) Explain the use of intensity to color transformation in image processing. [7]

b) Discuss about histogram processing of color images. [7]

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