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Mangalore University M.A MCJ Communication Theory Dec 2018 Question Paper

Mangalore University Question Papers Old Question Papers 

I Semester M.A. Examination, December 2018



Communication Theory

Time : 3 Hours Max. Marks : 70 

Part – a (5×10=50)

Note : 1) Answer any five questions of the following.

 2) All questions carry equal marks.

1. Define communication. Explain the types of communication.

2. Illustrate the Shannon and Weaver model of communication.

3. Describe the uses and gratification theory with suitable instances.

4. What are the normative media theories ? Discuss any two theories.

5. Analyse the impact of violence in media on children with suitable research findings.

6. Delineate the contribution of Marshall McLuhan to communication.

7. Discuss the applications of diffusion of innovation theory.

8. Critically examine the relevance of agenda setting theory in the present political context.

Part – B (4×5=20)

Note : 1) Write short notes on any four of the following :

 2) All questions carry equal marks.

9. a) Non-verbal communication 

b) Aristotle

c) Opinion leader

d) Gate keeping 

e) Reception analysis

f) Catharsis 


PDF link : Click here to download Mangalore University M.A MCJ Communication Theory Dec 2018 Question Paper

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