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GITAM University B.Tech Civil Engineering 2nd Sem PHYSICS OF NANOMATERIALS 2019 Question Paper



B.Tech. Degree Examination



(Effective from the admitted batch 2015–16 onwards)

(Common for all branches)

Time: 3 Hours Max.Marks: 60


Instructions: Each module carries 12 marks.

 Answer all modules choosing one question from each module.

 All parts of the module must be answered in one place only.

 Figures in the right hand margin indicate marks allotted. 



1. a) Briefly narrate the history of nanomaterials. 8

 b) What are the challenges faced by researchers in nanotechnology? 4


2. a) Write briefly on significance of nanotechnology. 4

 b) Explain the future prospects of nanotechnology. 8


3. a) What is meant by nanomaterials? 2

 b) Explain the classification of nanomaterials. 4

 c) Discus the properties of nanomaterials. 6


4. a) Describe electrical and thermal properties of nanomaterials. 8

 b) Write short notes on microstructure and defects in nanomaterials. 4


5. What is meant by top down approach? Explain any two processes with an example. 12


6. Write short notes on chemical vapor deposition and electrodeposition method. 12


7. Write an essay on the current advancement in the structural characterization of nanomaterials using X-ray diffraction. 12


8. Elaborate the mechanism of scanning tunneling microscope and  spectroscopy. 12


9. a) Write a short note on nanofabrication. 6

 b) Define MEMS. What are the types and applications of MEMS? 6


10. a) What are quantum dots? How they are fabricated? 4

 b) Explain the influence of nanomaterials on communication,  energy and defence sector. 8

 [1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10/II S/119] 

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