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RTMNU 3rd Semester B.E Civil Engineering Geology 2016 Question Paper

RTM Nagpur University Question Paper
NTK/KS/16 - 7298
Third Semester B.E Examination (C.B.S)
Civil Engineering
Engineering Geology
Time: Three Hours
Maximum Marks: 80
Question Paper Year: Summer 2016

1. a) What is plate tectonics? Discuss its salient features and various types of plate margins. 7
b) Describe various physiographic and tectonic divisions of India.
2. Describe in details the geological work of wind in respect of erosion, transportation and deposition. 13

3. What is mineral? Describe in detail the physical properties of minerals with typical examples.
4. What are sedimentary rocks? How are they formed? Describe in detail the classification of sedimentary rocks. Add a note on its importance in civil engineering works. 13

5. What are faults? Describe various types of faults and their importance in civil engineering projects.
6.a) A shale bed in a railway cutting is dipping at 1 in 3.5 along 545ºw. Find the directions in which its dip is 1 in 6. State strike. Give procedure. Scale : 1 unit = 1cm. 7
b) A limestone bed is dipping at 45º in a slope 15º west with its outcrop 200m wide. Find the true and vertical thickness of limestone bed. Write procedure. Scale 1 cm = 40m. 7

7. What is an earthquake? Discuss various causes of earthquakes. Describe in brief the characteristics of various seismic waves.


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