Monday, December 5, 2016

RTMNU 3rd Semester B.E Civil Concrete Technology 2016 Question Paper

RTM Nagpur University Question Paper
NTK/KS/16 - 7299
Third Semester B.E Examination (C.B.S)
Civil Engineering
Concrete Technology
Time: Three Hours
Maximum Marks: 80
Question Paper Year: Summer 2016

1. a) List important physical tests of cement? Explain any two in brief? 8
b) Explain in brief "sulphate Resisting Portland Cement". 6
2. a) What are the various Aggregates used in cement concrete work? Explain about the surface Texture of Aggregates. 7
b) Explain in brief the Grading of coarse Aggregate and fine Aggregate. 7

3. a) Explain various factors affecting workability of concrete. 7
b) Explain under water concreting by the use of Tremie Pipe method. 6
4. a) Explain the various stages of manufacture of concrete. 7
b) Explain in brief the maturity of concrete. 6

5. a) Explain the various properties which affect the quality of concrete. 7
b) Write a detailed note on water cement ratio and bond strength between cement & steel reinforcement.


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