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Punjab University OCET M.Sc Biophysics 2012 Question Paper

OCET-2012 - Punjab University Question Paper M.Sc Biophysics
Question Booklet Series : A/B/C/D Sr. No. :
Important : Please consult your Admit Card / Roll No. Slip before filling your Roll Number on the Test Booklet and Answer Sheet.
Roll No.
O.M.R. Answer Sheet Serial No.
Signature of the Candidate :
Subject : M.Sc. (Hons. School)-Biophysics
Time : 90 minutes Number of Questions : 75 Maximum Marks : 75
1. Write your Roll No. on the Question Booklet and also on the OMR Answer Sheet in the space provided and nowhere else.
2. Enter the Subject and Series Code of Question Booklet on the OMR Answer Sheet. Darken the corresponding bubble with Black Ball Point /Black Gel pen.
3. Do not make any identification mark on the Answer Sheet or Question Booklet.
4. To open the Question Booklet remove the paper seal (s) gently when asked to do so.
5. Please check that this Question Booklet contains 75 questions. In case of any discrepancy, inform the Assistant Superintendent within 10 minutes of the start of test.
6. Each question has four alternative answers (A, B, C, D) of which only one is correct. For each question, darken only one bubble (A or B or C or D), whichever you think is the correct answer, on the Answer Sheet with Black Ball Point / Black Gel pen.
7. If you do not want to answer a question, leave all the bubbles corresponding to that question blank in the Answer Sheet. No marks will be deducted in such cases.
8. Darken the bubbles in the OMR Answer Sheet according to the Serial No. of the questions given in the Question Booklet.
9. Negative marking will be adopted for evaluation i.e., 1/4th of the marks of the question will be deducted for each wrong answer. A wrong answer means incorrect answer or wrong filling of bubble.
10. For calculations, use of simple log tables is permitted. Borrowing of log tables and any other material is not allowed.
11. For rough work only the sheets marked “Rough Work” at the end of the Question Booklet be used.
12. The Answer Sheet is designed for computer evaluation. Therefore, if you do not follow the instructions given on the Answer Sheet, it may make evaluation by the computer difficult. Any resultant loss to the candidate on the above account, i.e., not following the instructions completely, shall be of the candidate only.
13. After the test, hand over the Question Booklet and the Answer Sheet to the Assistant Superintendent on duty.
14. In no case the Answer Sheet, the Question Booklet, or its part or any material copied/noted from this Booklet is to be taken out of the examination hall. Any candidate found doing so, would be expelled from the examination.
15. A candidate who creates disturbance of any kind or changes his/her seat or is found in possession of any paper possibly of any assistance or found giving or receiving assistance or found using any other unfair means during the examination will be expelled from the examination by the Centre Superintendent / Observer whose decision shall be final.
16. Telecommunication equipment such as pager, cellular phone, wireless, scanner, etc., is not
permitted inside the examination hall. Use of calculators is not allowed.

1. In humans cholesterol is synthesized in :
(A) Spleen (B) Pancreas
(C) Brunner's gland (D) Liver
2. Malarial parasite reproduces by :
(A) Budding (B) Regeneration
(C) Binary fission (D) Multiple fission
3. Total energy produced by one gram of carbohydrate is :
(A) 9 joules (B) 9.2 kcals
(C) 4.2 kcals (D) 9 kcals
4. The lungs are covered by two thin membranes called :
(A) Peritoneum (B) Thoracic cavity
(C) Pleura (D) Alveolar sacs
5. When an electric current flows through a metallic wire, the particles moving are :
(A) Ions (B) Atoms
(C) Protons (D) Electrons
6. Blood from pulmonary vein flows into :
(A) Right ventricle (B) Left ventricle
(C) Right atrium (D) Left atrium
7. If a cell is kept in a hypertonic solution its volume will :
(A) Decrease (B) Increase
(C) Remain same (D) Perforate
8. Brunner's glands are present in the :
(A) Large intestine (B) Liver
(C) Stomach (D) Small intestine
9. Parkinsonism is related to :
(A) Brain (B) Kidney
(C) Heart (D) Muscles
10. Osmosis occurs across a :
(A) Permeable membrane (B) Impermeable membrane
(C) Semi-permeable membrane (D) Intact membrane
M.Sc.(Hons.School)-Biophysics-A/FRH-41394 4
11. This part of the eye is devoid of blood vessels :
(A) Retina (B) Choroid
(C) Cornea (D) Sclera
12. Which form of RNA has a structure resembling clover leaf ?
(A) mRNA (B) tRNA
(C) rRNA (D) hRNA
13. This hormone is a modified amino acid :
(A) Progesterone (B) Prostaglandin
(C) Estrogen (D) Epinephrine
14. One of the examples of the action of autonomous nervous system is :
(A) Pupillary reflex (B) Swallowing of food
(C) Knee jerk response (D) Blinking of eyes
15. Non-functional thymus may lead to :
(A) Anemia (B) Reduction in stem cells
(C) Loss of antibody production (D) Loss of cell mediated immunity
16. The proton NMR spectrum of propane consists of :
(A) A triplet and a singlet (B) A triplet and a quartet
(C) A doublet and triplet (D) A triplet and septet
17. G-6-P dehydrogenase deficiency leads to haemolysis of :
(A) Lymphocytes (B) RBCs
(C) Platelets (D) Leucocytes
18. HIV, first starts destroying :
(A) B-lymphocytes (B) Leucocytes
(C) Thrombocytes (D) Helper T-lymphocytes
19. Gel electrophoresis is used for :
(A) Isolation of DNA molecules
(B) Cutting of DNA into fragments
(C) Separating DNA fragments according to their size
(D) Vector analysis
20. Disinfection of water supplies can be achieved by :
(A) Filtration (B) Sedimentation
(C) Ultraviolet radiation (D) Coagulation
M.Sc.(Hons.School)-Biophysics-A/FRH-41394 5 [Turn over
21. The genetically modified brinjal has been developed for :
(A) Drought resistance (B) Insect resistance
(C) Enhancing shelf life (D) Enhancing mineral content
22. Which of the following statements is correct ?
(A) 130/80 mm Hg is high blood pressure and requires treatment
(B) 100/55 mm Hg is ideal blood pressure
(C) 105/55 mm Hg makes one very active
(D) 190/110 mm Hg may harm vital organs like brain and kidney
23. This is a sex-linked disorder :
(A) Colour blindness (B) Tuberculosis
(C) Diphtheria (D) Leprosy
24. Correct statement related to 99mTc is :
(A) 140 keV and 6 hours (B) 140 keV and 4 hours
(C) 160 keV and 6 hours (D) 160 keV and 4 hours
25. Vitamin-K is useful for :
(A) Synthesis of prothrombin (B) Converting prothrombin to thrombin
(C) Production of lactin (D) Temperature regulation
26. Ammonia converts into urea in :
(A) Kidney (B) Spleen
(C) Liver (D) Urinary bladder
27. Respiratory centre in the brain is located in :
(A) Cerebellum (B) Cerebrum
(C) Medulla oblongata (D) Thalamus
28. Sertoli cells are found in :
(A) Ovary (B) Testis
(C) Liver (D) Pancreas
29. Physical half life of 1-125 is :
(A) 28 days (B) 8 hours
(C) 8 minutes (D) 60 days
30. GFR stands for :
(A) Glomerular Filtration Rate (B) Gradient Filtration Rate
(C) Gravity Filtration Rate (D) Gradual Filtration Rate
M.Sc.(Hons.School)-Biophysics-A/FRH-41394 6
31. A portion of the chromatin in interphase which remains relatively compacted and is transcriptionally
inactive is known as :
(A) Euchromatin (B) Chromatinin
(C) Heterochromatin (D) Homochromatin
32. Depolarization of nerve is due to :
(A) Na+/K+ pump (B) Ca2+/Mg2+ pump
(C) Na+/H+ pump (D) Na+/Ca2+ pump
33. The anaerobic decomposition of protein with the production of foul smelling compounds
is known as :
(A) Liquefaction (B) Putrefaction
(C) Rotting (D) Degradation
34. Brachycardia is a result of excess :
(A) Acetylcholine (B) Epinephrine
(C) Sodium chloride (D) Adrenaline
35. Gel filtration is based on the principle of :
(A) Molecular weight (B) Charge
(C) Colour (D) Optical density
36. Quartz cuvettes are essential when source of incident ray is in the :
(A) Visible range (B) U.V. range
(C) I.R. range (D) Ultrasonic range
37. Global warming is caused by :
(A) NO3 (B) CO2
(C) O3 (D) O2
38. Information that cannot be obtained from IR spectrum :
(A) The molecular mass (B) Presence of C=O
(C) Presence of O-H (D) Presence of C-H
39. The active part of immunoglobulin is :
(A) Fab (B) Fc
(C) Fd (D) Feb
40. GM counter works on the principle of :
(A) Ionization of gases (B) Ion exchange
(C) Scintillation (D) Quenching
M.Sc.(Hons.School)-Biophysics-A/FRH-41394 7 [Turn over
41. HCl is secreted by :
(A) Chief cells (B) Oxyntic cells
(C) Goblet cells (D) Endothelial cells
42. Optical density equals :
(A) 2-log T (B) Log T – log E
(C) Log T – 2 (D) Log I – log E
43. Franklin's work was hindered by the lack of :
(A) Strong X-rays (B) Magnetic waves
(C) True crystals of DNA (D) Precision of instruments available
44. Superoxide ions are decomposed by :
(A) Catalase (B) Peroxidase
(C) Superanion dismutase (D) Superoxide dismutase
45. Autoradiography is performed with :
(A) -source (B) -source
(C) -source (D) r-source
46. Adhesive used to stick the microscopic slides :
(A) Paraffin wax (B) Egg albumin
(C) Xylene (D) DPX
47. ORD stands for :
(A) Optical rotator dispersion (B) Optical revolution dispersion
(C) Optical regional dispersion (D) Orderly rotator dispersion
48. Histamine is released by :
(A) Mast cells (B) Endothelial cells
(C) W.B.C. (D) Plasma cells
49. MHC stands for :
(A) Major histocompatibility complex (B) Minor histocompatibility complex
(C) Major hypersensitivity complex (D) Minor hypersensitivity complex
50. Differential centrifugation is used for the separation of :
(A) Different types of cells (B) Different types of cell organelle
(C) Different types of lipids (D) Different types of fats
M.Sc.(Hons.School)-Biophysics-A/FRH-41394 8
51. Thyroid uptake unit is a modified :
(A) Scintillation counter (B) GM counter
52. Nodes of Ranvier :
(A) Increase the movement of impulse
(B) Decrease the movement of impulse
(C) Has no effect on impulse
(D) Increase the energy expenditure by sodium pump
53. Exchange of gases in respiratory system is caused due to :
(A) Partial pressure of gases (B) Diffusion
(C) Active transport (D) Osmosis
54. Proteins are detected at this wavelength :
(A) 280 nm (B) 260 nm
(C) 240 nm (D) 340 nm
55. 1 Gray of radioactive material equals :
(A) 100 rads (B) 100 rems
(C) 100 curies (D) 100 rutherford
56. Glass knives are used to cut :
(A) Plastic sections (B) Wax sections
(C) Both plastic and wax (D) Gel sections
57. The vitamin required for carboxylation reaction is :
(A) Vitamin B2 (B) Vitamin B6
(C) Vitamin B12 (D) Biotin
58. In proteins the -helix and -pleated sheets are example of :
(A) Primary structure (B) Secondary structure
(C) Tertiary structure (D) Quaternary structure
59. Isoelectric point of amino acids is used for :
(A) Crystallization (B) Precipitation
(C) Solubility (D) Reactivity
60. Cells can be sorted by which fluorescent technique ?
M.Sc.(Hons.School)-Biophysics-A/FRH-41394 9 [Turn over
61. Cancers of epithelial tissues are called :
(A) Sarcoma (B) Carcinoma
(C) Lymphoma (D) Myeloma
62. I-131 emits :
(A) Gamma rays (B) -particles
(C) -particles (D) gamma and -particles
63. Membranes are components of all the following except for :
(A) Nucleus (B) Microtubules
(C) Golgi complex (D) Lysosomes
64. Living cells can be studied under a :
(A) Polarizing microscope (B) Phase contrast microscope
(C) Scanning electron microscope (D) Transmission electron microscope
65. Iron is absorbed in :
(A) Stomach (B) Small Intestine
(C) Jejunum (D) Duodenum
66. Pernicious anemia is caused due to :
(A) Vitamin B6 deficiency (B) Vitamin D deficiency
(C) Vitamin B12 deficiency (D) Vitamin K deficiency
67. Lac operon model was described by :
(A) Jacob and Monod (B) Einstein
(C) Wagner (D) JC Bose
68. Humoral immunity involves :
(A) Antibodies (B) Antibiotics
69. Telomerase is a :
(A) Ribonucleoprotein (B) Deoxyribonucleoprotein
(C) Glycoprotein (D) Polysaccharide
70. Which of the following correctly matches an organelle with its function ?
(A) ER ....... photosynthesis (B) Nucleus ........ cellular respiration
(C) Lysosome ........ movement (D) Central vacuole ......... storage
71. The resolution of a light microscope depends upon :
(A) Condenser lens system (B) Objective lens system
(C) Wavelength of incident light (D) Numerical aperture
72. Part of the nucleus containing the hereditary material :
(A) nuclear envelope (B) karyoplasm
(C) nucleolus (D) chromatin
73. Centriole is involved in :
(A) Golgi apparatus
(B) The organization of the cell during interphase
(C) The organization of the cell during mitosis
(D) Protein synthesis
74. Bonds showing strongest absorption in the IR are :
(A) C-H (B) O-H
(C) N-H (D) S-H
75. Chargaff's rule suggests :
(A) C=G (B) C=T
(C) A=G (D) A=C

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