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Punjab University BA Musical Instrumental 2012 Question Paper

Punjab University Question Paper BA Musical Instrumental
B.A. 2nd Year Question Paper
Time Allowed:3 Hours Maximum Marks: 90
Note: Attempt 5 ques. in all selecting atleast 1 ques. from every Unit. ques.
NO. nine is compulsory.
All ques. carry equal marks.


1.Describe in detail the main achievements in the field of Music during the Akbar Period.[Marks 18]
2.What is the importance of Gamak in the Indian Music? How many types of Gamak are used in Indian Music? explain it.[Marks 18]


3.Write short notes on any 6 of the following:
(i) Bol of Mizrab
(ii) Alap
(iii) Ghseet
(iv) Zamzma
(v) Kan
(vi) Meend
(vii) Kampan
(viii) Jod. [Marks 18]

4.How can the Indian Music Instruments be classified? Put up a detailed study.[Marks 18]


5.Write life sketch and contribution towards Music by any 1 of the following:
(i) Dr. Lal Mani Mishra
(ii) Ustad Vilayat Khan.[Marks 18]

6.Explain the Musical Terms Alptava Bahutva with examples.[Marks 18]


7.Write the full description of Rag Bihag and Rag Durga.[Marks 18]
8.(a) Write down the description of Rag Chayyanat with its Aroh, Avroh and Pakar.[Marks 18]
(b)Write down the Ekgun and Dugun Layakari of Tal Deepchandi.[Marks 18]
9.Write a Drut Gat of Rag Malkouns with 2 Alaps and 4 Toras.[Marks 18] 
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