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GITAM EURCE 404A FLUID MECHANICS-I April 2015 Question Paper

GITAM University April 2015 Question Paper in PDF and Image Format
Campus: Visakhapatnam
02/IV S/115]
[EURCE 404A]
B.Tech. Degree Examination
Civil Engineering
(Effective from the admitted batch 2012–13)
Time: 3 Hours Max.Marks: 60
Instructions: Each Unit carries 12 marks.
Answer all units choosing one question from each unit.
All parts of the unit must be answered in one place only.
Figures in the right hand margin indicate marks allotted.
1. Two large fixed parallel plates are 12mm apart. The space between the surfaces is filled with oil of viscosity 0.972 Ns/m2. A flat thin plate 0.25m^2 area moves through the oil at a velocity of 0.3m/s.
Find the drag force when the thin plate is at a distance of 3mm from one of the plane surfaces 12
2. a) A circular plate of diameter 2.5m is placed vertically in water in such a way that the centre of the plate is 5m below the free surface of the water. Determine the total pressure and centre of pressure 6


Click here to download the PDF file of GITAM EURCE 404A FLUID MECHANICS-I April 2015 Question Paper
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