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GITAM EURCE 403A Building Planning and Drawing April 2015 Question Paper

GITAM University April 2015 Question Paper in PDF and Image Format
Campus: Visakhapatnam
[EURCE 403A]
B.Tech. Degree Examination
Civil Engineering
(Effective from the admitted batch 2012–13)
Time: 3 Hours Max.Marks: 60
Instructions: Figures in the right hand margin indicate marks allotted.
Part A
I. Answer all questions from Part-A (5x2=10)
1. List out the factors to be considered in selecting a good site for residential buildings
2. What is meant by orientation of a building and list out the factors affecting orientation of a building?
3. Write short notes on floor area ratio. How is it related to height of the building?
4. What is comfort? List out the factors influencing the comfort
5. Draw neat sketches to represent the following items
a) Stone masonry b) Earth c) Gravel d) Wood work

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