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GITAM EURCE-304A Concrete Technology 2015 Question Paper

GITAM University November 2015 Question Paper / Previous Exam Paper
B.Tech. Degree Examination
Civil Engineering
(Effective from the admitted batch 2012–13)
Time: 3 Hours Max.Marks: 60
Instructions: Each Unit carries 12 marks.
Answer all units choosing one question from each unit.
All parts of the unit must be answered in one place only.
Figures in the right hand margin indicate marks allotted.
1. Explain the process of manufacture of cement 12
2. Explain various types of cement 12
3. Explain the classification of aggregates in detail 12
4. Explain the Alkali-aggregate reaction and also the methods to control it 12
5. Explain Workability. What are the various factors that affect workability? 12
6. Write short notes on::
a) High volume fly ash concrete and its uses
b) Damp proofing and water proofing admixtures 12
7. Explain the gel/space ratio. Explain how to calculate gel/space ratio for complete hydration and partial hydration 12
8. Write short notes on:
a) Gain of strength with age
b) Central point loading and third point loading 12
9. Explain the types of Polymer concrete and their properties 12
10. Write short notes on:
a) Ready mix concrete
b) No-fines concrete 12


Click here to download PDF file of GITAM EURCE-304A Concrete Technology 2015 Question Paper
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