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GITAM EURCE-303A Building Materials and Building Construction Nov 2015 Question Paper

GITAM University Nov 2015 Question Paper
B.Tech. Degree Examination
Civil Engineering
(Effective from the admitted batch 2012–13)
Time: 3 Hours Max.Marks: 60
Instructions: Each Unit carries 12 marks.
Answer all units choosing one question from each unit.
All parts of the unit must be answered in one place only.
Figures in the right hand margin indicate marks allotted.
1. a) Discuss the geological classification of rocks 6
b) What is texture of a rock? Enumerate its various types 6
2. a) How is artificial stone prepared? What are its different forms? 7
b) Mention the advantages of artificial stones 5
3. a) Briefly describe the working of Bull’s trench kiln for the burning of bricks 8
b) What are the uses of various types of bricks? 4
4. a) State the raw materials required in the manufacture of different types of glass 7
b) State the general properties of glass 5
5. a) Describe the defects caused in timber due to fungi 6
b) What is meant by decay of timber? What are its causes? 6
6. a) Why is artificial seasoning adopted? Describe its various methods 7
b) What are Plywoods? Mention their advantages 5
7. a) What are the ingredients of an oil borne paint? 6
b) Mention the usual defects which are found in the painting work 6
8. a) Distinguish between natural and artificial cements 6
b) Write about the storing of cement 6
9. a) Define foundation and mention their objects 6
b) What are different types of staircase 6
10. a) Distinguish between stone and Brick masonry 8
b) Give a list of different types of doors and windows 4


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