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IT6503 Web Programming Nov Dec 2016 Important Questions

Important questions for Nov Dec 2016 IT6503 Web Programming examinations conducting by Anna University Chennai
05th Semester / III Year
Information Technology IT
IT6503 Web Programming
(Regulation 2013)
Nov Dec 2016 Important Questions

Important 16 Marks Questions (All five units) are listed for IT6503 Web Programming subject

1. Briefly discuss about
(i) HTML frames.
(ii) Table tags.

2. Create a registration form for an educational web site with E-Learning resources. All form controls should have appropriate name attributes. Use the GET method for form submission and specify an empty string for the action attribute (16)

3. (i) Write a Javascript program to delete the rollno property from the following object. Also print the object before and after deleting the property.
 Sample object: var student = { name: “Santhosh Ravy”, class: “VI”, rollno: 29};
(ii) Write a JavaScript program to search a date (MM/DD/YYYY) within a string.

4. (i) Explain any eight CSS text properties.
(ii) Explain the following JavaScript objects
(a) RegEp.
(b) Math.

5. (i) List and explain in detail the various selector strings.
(ii) Discuss the features of cascading style sheets.

6. Elaborate on the various object oriented concepts with necessary illustrations.

7. (i) What is constructor in java? Why constructor does not have return type in java? Explain it with proper example.
(ii) Why so we need static members and how to access them? Explain it with clear example

8. What is inheritance? With diagrammatic illustrations and java program(s) illustrate the different types of inheritance. Give self explanatory comments in your program.

9. (i) Write a Java program that collects the input as a decimal number of integer type and converts it into a String of equivalent hexadecimal number.
(ii) Write a Java program that arranges the given set of strings in alphabetical order. Supply the strings through the command line.

10. Design a Java application program for generating four threads to perform the following operations:
(i) Getting N numbers as input
(ii) Printing the even numbers
(iii) Printing the odd numbers
(iv) Computing the average

11. (i) Describe how JDBC works.
(ii) Show the various JDBC driver types in detail.

12. (i) Explain the connection interface with its methods.
(ii) Discuss in detail about the statement interface and its methods.

13. (i) Discuss in detail about Batch Updates with an example.
(ii) Illustrate the concept of updatable result sets.

14. (i) What is a Java bean? Write down the features of a Java Bean in detail.
(ii) Describe in detail about Socket and ServerSocket.

15. (i) List the steps involved in developing a Enterprise Java Bean (EJB)
(ii) Describe in detail about stateless session bean and its life cycle.

16. Using AWT create a frame which contains four text fields name, age, sex and qualification layout using the flow layout manager. Run the program and give the values of all text fields in the command line. Initially all the values of text field should be blank. On clicking the click button all the text fields should contain the command line inputs.

17. (i) Describe in detail about the AWT Event classes.
(ii) Discuss about the various Event Listeners.

18. (i) What is the function of layout manager? Describe in detail about the different layout in Java GUI.
(ii) With an example, define working with text in an applet.

19. Discuss in detail about AWT event hierarchy.

20. Enlist the methods that can be used to handle the HTTP request.

21. (i) Explain the role of XML namespace with examples.
(ii) Explain the features of XML path language.

22. Get the students’ details like name, register number and mark using form. Generate DTD for this XML document.
Name Regno Mark
Xyz    1000     90
Abc    1001     80
Rst     1002     89
Pqr     1003     87
Generate the collected information in the descending order of marks using XSLT. Results should be displayed in the above format. Write a source code and explain the same.

23. Summarize the role of XML schema in building web services in detail.

24. (i) Explain about UDDI in detail.
(ii) Explain the RPC representation of SOAP in detail.

25. (i) Explain WSDL structure and its elements.
(ii) Develop a Java Web Service that would do arithmetic operations.
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