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CS6501 Internet Programming Nov Dec 2016 Important Questions

Important questions for Nov Dec 2016 CS6501 Internet Programming examinations conducting by Anna University Chennai
05th Semester / III Year
Computer Science Engineering
CS6501 Internet Programming
(Regulation 2013)
Nov Dec 2016 Important Questions

Important 16 Marks Questions (All five units) are listed for CCS6501 Internet Programming subject

1. Explain in detail about inheritance in Java with examples.
2. Explain in detail about packages.
3. Explain in detail about Exception handling mechanisms.
4. Explain in detail about String & String Buffer Class
5. Explain in detail about interfaces with an example.(study calculator program and stack program)
6. Explain thread states and thread life cycle. give example(producer consumer program)
7. Explain the basic concepts of OOP’s.
8. Explain applet life cycle and give an example.(drawing basic shapes)
9. Discuss the various HTML tags in detail.(study atleast 15 tags )
10. Discuss events associated with DHTML and explain each one with an example.
11. What is CSS? List out the various CSS properties. Explain the various concepts of CSS properties and box model in CSS with neat example.
12. Explain Rich internet application.
13. Explain the various event handlers in java script. Give an example.
14. What are the various java script objects? Explain each with an example.
15. What are the methods associated with array object in JavaScript? Explain each one with an example.
16. Explain about the servlet life cycle with an example program. (welcome servlet)
17. Write a servlet program to print student marks.(database servlet program)
18. Explain the types of database drivers and JDBC architecture.
19. Explain JSTL in detail
20. Explain in detail about XML Syntax, structure and components.
21. Explain briefly xml Transformation?
22. Explain briefly XML Schema with examples.(study scenario based programs)
23. What is a DTD (document Type Definition)? What are its applications?
24. Explain in detail about Cookies and Regular Expressions in PHP.
25. Explain in detail about Client/Server architecture on AJAX.
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