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EE6303 Linear Integrated Circuits and Applications Nov Dec 2016 Important Questions

Anna University Chennai - Important Questions of EE6303 Linear Integrated Circuits and Applications
Third Semester
Department of EEE
EE6303 Linear Integrated Circuits and Applications
Nov Dec 2016 Important Questions
(Regulation 2013)

You can collect here the 16 Marks Most Important Questions asked in previous years university examinations.

EE6303 Linear Integrated Circuits and Applications Important 16 Marks Part B Questions

1. Explain the processes used in silicon planar technology with neat diagram.
2. With neat sketches explain the fabrication of diodes.
3. Explain the different isolation techniques.
4. Explain the various process involved in fabricating monolithic IC which integrates diode, capacitors and resistors.
5. With neat sketches explain in detail about V/I and I/V converters.
6. Explain the functions of all the basic building blocks of op-amps.
7. Explain in detail about the frequency compensation applied to operational amplifiers.
8. i) Define CMRR. Draw the circuit of op-amp differential amplifiers and give the expression of CMRR.
ii) Define Slew rate. Explain the causes of slew rate and derive an explanation of slew rate for op-amp voltage follower.
9. Obtain the frequency response of an open-loop op-amp
10. Explain the operation of a basic differential amplifier?
11. Derive the transfer characteristics of differential amplifier or sketch the transfer characteristics of dual input differential amplifier showing the linear and limiting regions. Comment on the same.
12. What is integrating type converter? Explain the operation of dual slope ADC: (16)
13. Explain the principle of operation of successive Approximation ADC and R-2R ladder DAC. (16)
14. Explain the operation of sample and hold circuit.
15. Explain the various types of digital to analog converters:
16. What is 555 timers? What are the features of 555timers? Explain the functional block diagram of monostable mode in detail?
17. Explain the Astable mode of operation using 555 timer. .
18. Discuss in detail the operation of PLL. Write its applications.
19. Discuss in detail the operation of VCO.
20. Design an adjustable voltage regulator (5 to 15 V) with short circuit current limit of 15MA using 723 regulators.
21. In detail discuss the 723 IC general purpose voltage regulator.
22. Explain the operation of switching regulators. Give its advantages.
23. Explain the functional diagram of LM 380 power amplifier.
23. Discuss in detail the operation of ICL 8038 function generator IC.
25. Discuss in detail the operation of variable voltage regulators.

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