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CE6301 Engineering Geology Nov Dec 2016 Important Questions

Anna University Chennai - Important Questions of CE6301 Engineering Geology
Third Semester
Department of Civil Engineering
CE6301 Engineering Geology
Nov Dec 2016 Important Questions
(Regulation 2013)

You can collect here the 16 Marks Most Important Questions asked in previous years university examinations.

CE6301 Engineering Geology Important Questions 2016

1. Describe the various types of weathering of rocks.
2. Describe in brief the geological work of sea with a note on the coastal protection
3. Describe the various personal land forms produced by rivers and comment on their engineering significance
4. Give brief account of 1. The importance of geology in civil engineering 2. The material structure and constitution of the earth
5. Give a detailed account on types of aquifers, factors, formation and occurrence of groundwater
6. Elaborate on the various physical properties which are helpful is the identification of minerals
7. Write short notes on 1. Millers medical 2. Micas 3. Coal deposits 4. Oil fields of India
8. Write the physical properties of Hornblende, Garnet, Biotite mica and Augite. Discuss its role in rock strength analysis
9. Illustrate the physical properties and classification of feldspar group of minerals.
10. Give the physical properties which helps to identify in the field for the following minerals. (a) Augit (b) Calsite (c) Hornblende (d) Biotite
11. Describe the distinguishing features of Igneous, Sedimentary and Metamorphic rocks based on various criteria
12. Give the mode of occurance, mineral composition, engineering properties and uses of following rocks. (a) Granite (b) Sandstone (c) Slate (d) Limestone
13. Write about the minerlogical composition, structure and texture, engineering properties and uses of dolerite basalt, sandstone and limestone
14. What are sedimentary rocks explain the properties of any four sedimentary rocks
15. Describe the engineering properties of rocks give the engineering properties of important igneous and metamorphic rocks
16. Explain the use of seismic methods in civil engineering investigation
17. Explain in detail the electrical resistivity method of sub surface irrigation for civil engineering investigations
18. What are folds explain the types of folds with diagrams and their bearing on the engineering constructions
19. Define the term folding in rocks and explain the engineering significance of folds.
20. Explain how canals are classified. Discuss the various measures needed to improve the canal irrigation system.
21. What are Landslides? Discuss the type of landslides and causes of landslide. Give the methods of remedial measures t mitigate the land slides.
22. Give an account on: (i) Coastal Protection Structures. (ii) Geological investigation in soft rock tunneling. (iii) Thematic maps and its Importance in civil engineering projects. (iv) Geological database in Bridge construction.
23. Describe the geological consideration necessary for the construction of gravity Dam.
24. What are the geological conditions necessary for construction of tunnels? Explain in detail?
25. Discuss in detail various geological conditions necessary in the selection of dam sites

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